Our schedule fluctuates heavily throughout the year depending on rain, wind, material backlogs. A safe rule is you can expect between 3 and 5 weeks from scheduling to getting your roof installed. Along the way our office will provide updates about when your materials will arrive, what time our crew will be starting and how many days onsite it will take.

Generally most roofs are completed in one day. If your roof has many small areas or is over 3,000SQFT it will likely run into a second day of work.

We love our Atlas roofs. We do also install and recommend GAF, and Certainteed roofs, but Atlas is what we would install, and have installed, on our own homes.

Absolutely, our crew places down tarps before work is started both on the ground, and draping over the front or rear of your home to protect all of your property and also allow for an easier cleanup. A roof replacement is messy business but our crew prides itself on being neat and tidy throughout your project. At the end of the day you’ll see all of the crew walking around with nail magnets to pick up all of the 5,000-15,000 individual nails that get removed during the process.

Depending on your shingle selection, you will receive a lifetime warranty from the shingle manufacturer. Atlas, Certainteed, and GAF all offer a standard lifetime warranty with their architectural shingle systems. While their warranty says lifetime, ATlas GAf and Certainteed expect your roof to last about 50 years.

 Absolutely you can, on each quote we send at the bottom right of the quote we include an estimated monthly payment from our finance provider Sunlight financial. We also have an easy to use link that will take you directly to Sunlight financial’s website for pre approval on their secure user friendly portal.

 Yes, in the past not all contractors remove the first layers of shingles as it is less work to install your new roof over the top. However, all shingles manufacturers do require the old layer of shingles and flashing to be removed to have your new warranty in full effect.

On your quote you will find a price per sheet of plywood if we discover any rotten wood. Rotten wood needs to be replaced because nails in rotten plywood will not hold  which may result in your new roof blowing away! Rotten plywood is replaced on an as needed basis. When possible we do inspect from your attic to advise on any rotten plywood that we find, however rotten plywood cannot always be observed from inside the attic. Many times rotten plywood is only seen after removing the old shingles during the tear off process. After discovering rotten plywood we take photos and your project manager will call, or text, or speak with you in person about how many sheets are rotten and need to be replaced. At the end of your project the project manager will also provide you with photos of the new wood so you can sleep peacefully at night knowing your new investment in protecting your home is nice and secure.

 Gutters are most often replaced as a maintenance or aesthetic issue, it is uncommon for gutters themselves to wear out on their own. Some examples of maintenance issues would be, pulling away from the house, water overflowing certain areas, and bumps and bruises that cause the gutters to look unsightly. 

It’s possible to get your homeowner insurance to cover a full roof replacement. The first step is to go to our website 410600ROOF.COM where you can use our free weather tool to look up recent wind or hail for your address. If you see a storm in the past 2 years call our office at 410-600-ROOF and a trained professional can come out to inspect, take photos and help you with the insurance process.

We have highly skilled repair teams that can help extend your roofs like with repairs in many cases. If your roof is at the end of its useful life, replacement is sometimes the better option which our staff will be happy to advise you on as if it is their own home.

Most skylights come with a 10 year no leak warranty now. Signs that you might need to replace them could be leaks around the corners, discoloration around the paint, streaks or fog on the glass. We also recommend replacing the skylights when you have a new roof installed.

if you live around trees it’s very likely they will be a benefit. It will be cheaper in the long run than having them cleaned multiple times per year. It’s also safer in the event they are clogged you could have hundreds of gallons spilling over by your home’s foundation. Probably installing gutters and downspouts can prevent the need for basement waterproofing.

Think of a ridge vent as an exhaust. On hot summer days temps can get very hot in your attic without some form of ventilation. Think of getting in a car with the windows rolled up on a hot summer day vs one with the windows rolled down. Which one is hotter? All shingle manufacturers require ventilation that meets FHA requirements to have a valid warranty on their products. Our professionals can meet to go over the best options for your home’s design. Multiple systems should not be mixed “ridge vent & attic fan” this can void your warranty.

Excluding additional options and including the cost of removing one layer of old shingles, removing old flashings, and installing all new products up to Atlas standards, below are the costs of various home sizes as a “ballpark” estimate.

Small Townhomes $4,500-$5,500

Large Townhomes $5,500-$11,000

Small Homes, under 1,000 SQFT $6,500-$10,000

Medium Homes 2,000-4,000SQFT $9,500-$17,500

What Is a Roof system?  See photo below