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Has your siding seen better days? Then we’ll be happy to help with the replacement! At ALP Roofing, we provide homeowners in Fallston and other Maryland regions with professional siding installation services so that they can keep their home’s exteriors looking its absolute best.

Whether you want to install vinyl siding or engineered wood siding, our family-owned business works closely with you so that your new exterior siding is a perfect fit for your home. Plus, you can count on our skilled installers to follow local building codes and use the latest techniques to leave you with a truly remarkable siding upgrade. Call us today to start planning your siding installation!

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Does Your Home Need New Siding?

When the signs of siding damage — like warping, cracking, or fading — become evident in your home’s exterior, it’s a clear indicator that siding replacement is on the horizon. Other materials, such as old siding that has become loose or shows signs of rot and mold, particularly in wood siding, also signal the need for a change. 

Installing vinyl siding offers a fresh start and removes the burden of constant siding repair that comes with natural wood or fiber cement options. The process, from removing the existing siding to preparing the flat surface with a starter strip and ensuring each piece overlaps properly at the correct angle, requires precision. ALP Roofing is home to professional siding contractors who know how to meticulously measure each square foot to replace siding efficiently, which significantly reduces the siding installation cost by avoiding unnecessary waste.

How New Siding Can Enhance Your Home!

Rejuvenated Aesthetics

A new siding installation not only revitalizes the exterior of your entire house but also gives you the freedom to select a design that better matches your aesthetic preferences. Whether you choose vinyl siding, with its vast range of colors and textures, or opt for the classic appeal of natural wood or the modern durability of fiber cement, the transformation is immediate. 

Plus, the addition of new trim, corner posts, and fascia board can further enhance the architectural style of your house. By installing vinyl siding, you also have the advantage of incorporating designs that can mimic other materials, offering a personalized touch that aligns with your design vision — all while keeping the siding installation cost within budget.

More Durability

The advancements in siding material technology mean that new siding is far more durable and requires less maintenance than older alternatives. Vinyl siding, for example, resists moisture and withstands extreme weather conditions, from excessive heat to freezing temperatures, without the need for frequent siding repair. 

This robustness extends to other siding materials as well, such as fiber cement, which offers resistance against rot and insects. The durability of these materials ensures that your entire house is protected for years to come, with only minimal upkeep required to keep the siding looking new. Additionally, installing vinyl siding or other durable materials not only saves money in the long run but also spares homeowners the hassle of constant maintenance.

Improved Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency in homes has become a major concern for many, and new siding can play a significant role in improving it. By replacing old siding with new, more efficient materials, you create an additional layer of insulation around your house. This not only helps to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature but also reduces energy costs. 

For instance, vinyl siding installation often includes the addition of insulated siding that traps heat during winter and cool air in summer. The precise installation process, ensuring each piece fits snugly from the lower portion to the upper portion, minimizes thermal bridging, making your home more energy-efficient. This upgrade can significantly impact your utility bills, especially in regions subject to extreme weather conditions.

Greater Home Value

Enhancing your home’s curb appeal and value is another compelling reason to consider new siding. The investment in new siding, whether it’s vinyl, fiber cement, or another material, immediately refreshes the look of your house, making it stand out in the neighborhood. Potential buyers often perceive new siding installation as a significant upgrade, akin to new construction, which can elevate the market value of your home. 

Moreover, the improved energy efficiency and reduced maintenance requirements further add to the attractiveness of your property. By choosing to install siding that complements the architectural style of your house and meets modern standards for durability and energy efficiency, you enhance not only its appearance but also its marketability — proving that the siding installation cost is a wise investment in your home’s future.

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