When’s the Best Time of Year to Install a Roof?
a new roof being installed by a technician from ALP Roofing
April 15, 2022

Whether you’ve been thinking about replacing your roof or your roof has been telling you it requires replacing, it’s never a good idea to rush the process. Preventative maintenance and care are essential, and you should definitely be on top of your roof condition, but you still might be wondering what options you have for roof replacement.

There are a few factors to consider, with few being more important than what season to schedule your roof replacement. Sometimes, life rears its ugly head, and you might need immediate assistance, but it’s good to know the best time of year to install your roof to help you plan out your next roofing project.

Best Time to Consider Roof Installation

The best time to consider roof installations are in the fall months. Fall months are especially perfect as contractors benefit from lower temperatures and low humidity to work with, and more stable weather conditions. This leads to more efficient jobs done and a more comfortable experience for workers. 

Spring months are another good time to consider roof installation, and early spring can be a great time to beat the rush of homeowners who discover roof problems throughout the harsh winter weather. Similar to the fall, low humidity in the spring is an excellent perk for contractors, but spring tends to have a bit more unpredictability in weather patterns. Keep in mind that the spring and fall months are among the busiest times, so be sure to schedule an appointment early with your contractor.

Summer months are also popular for roof replacements, but they’re a bit more difficult for roofing companies due to the extreme heat and moisture that affects your roofing materials. That being said, summer months are a solid alternative to spring or fall, and you can find a much cooler day to have your contractors head over while still reaping the benefits of the warmer weather.

Months You Should Avoid

The worst season to replace your roof is the winter, as temperatures under 35 degrees Fahrenheit are usually the cutoff for roofing contractors to initiate work with clients. Cold temperatures also might make your materials brittle and can crack roof shingles.

Adhesive materials fail to stick, and materials will take much longer to dry than during warmer months. The process is much more daunting than in the warmer months, which could mean more money out of your pocket, and a dangerous situation for contractors to work in.

What to Do if You Need Immediate Help

The best time to install your roof is if your roof is telling you it’s time for installation! Roofs last around 20 years or so, and if you’re seeing signs that it’s time for roof repair or replacement, you shouldn’t wait months if you need help.

Our roofing specialists have years of experience with roof repair, replacement, and roof maintenance and will provide you with the roof that keeps your home covered at a compelling price point. Contact us today and get a free estimate for your roof installation, and learn more about how ALP can help you.